ABI Performance Monitoring

The ABI Performance Monitoring tool means that an administrator can receive up to date information about the progress and performance of those they are responsible for which results in up to date, accurate project and personnel reporting. 


Once data is stored in a database, it is a very straightforward task to extract it for whatever purpose it is required.


ABI can tailor an affordable performance monitoring software solution to meet your needs. Being web based, all our solutions allow instant and secure access to data from anywhere – the number of branches and their physical location is not relevant as everything is instantly updated to the one server.

In educational institutions, teacher's report completion progress can be viewed at any time and encouragement given to those who are tardy.


Room and equipment booking data shows if resources are being properly utilised and who is using them. The Welfare programme allows all behavioural incidents to be saved so that students who accumulate a number of mentions can be given strategies to help them behave in a more socially acceptable way.


Any locations that attract a disproportionate number of reports can be addressed by allocating more staff or making rules to address behaviour while in the area. Student performance  can be monitored over time.


Performance monitoring has never been so easy.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.