Government Schools

ABI Student Tracking and Reporting    
ABI Booking System
ABI Welfare System


ABI software solutions are used in Government Schools throughout Victoria and are becoming more widely used in other Australian states and internationally. 


School administrators, teachers, students and parents enjoy the ease of use that a web based system can offer, together with first-rate personal service that ABI Systems provides. 


In particular Government Schools benefit from:

  • Student details being exported from CASES as an xml file and imported into ABI Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR)
  • A DEECD compliance tested and approved system which means that Government schools no longer have to use traditional systems such as Quick Vic
  • ABI Student Tracking and Reporting is suitable for the Report Card in primary and secondary as well as Year 11 and 12 outcome based reports
  • The xml file of student results is generated by STAR to import into CASES
  • Other modules (Welfare, Room and Equipment Booking, Parent Teacher Interview Booking) integrate with the report writing module and we are able to cost effectively develop further modules to meet individual school requirements


We will be pleased to offer you a free demonstration and put together a proposal tailored to your school.  Contact us for more information.