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ABI school software solutions are already used successfully by Catholic Schools in Australia.  The web based ABI Student Tracking and Reporting system saves time, increases efficiency and is a very affordable solution.


ABI customers also enjoy first rate customer service with a personal helpdesk that promises to make your enquiries a priority.


Key benefits of using the ABI Student Tracking and Reporting system are:

  • Student details are exported from the admin software that the school uses and imported into ABI Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR)
  • ABI Student Tracking and Reporting software has passed compliance testing by the CEO and can therefore be used with confidence by Catholic schools
  • ABI Student Tracking and Reporting is suitable for the Report Card in primary and secondary as well as Year 11 and 12 outcome based reports
  • Other modules include Welfare, Room and Equipment Booking and Parent Teacher Interview Booking.  All solutions integrate with the report writing module and we are able to develop further modules to meet your school's requirements


To discuss how ABI web based systems can increase efficiency in your school, please contact us.  We will be pleased to offer you a free demonstration.