Special Needs Schools

The ABI Systems Goal Based Reporting Module was designed by a committee comprised of four Special Needs Schools, Heatherwood School, Ashwood School, Monash SDS and Croxton School.


Our web based software is professionally developed and thoroughly tested by Australian schools.  Here's what you can expect:



  • Teachers meet with parents/guardians to develop agreed goals for the student
  • Student goals may be printed and a copy sent home
  • The goals are ready to be reported on at the end of the teaching period
  • When entering goals, previous goals appear and can be selected by the teacher to become Entry Skills
  • Teachers are able to view all previous goals to inform themselves when deciding the best path to help the student further develop
  • Group goals (same for every student in the group) can be entered by the administrator
  • A student profile is available for each student
  • The following categories are available for each goal:

           - Entry Skill
           - Goal
           - Strategy

  • For students in Year 11/12, the outcomes are printed for the IEP


Reporting On Goals

  • Once goals have been entered, they are ready to be reported against
  • ABI Student Tracking and Reporting (STAR) is extremely flexible and allows any rating to be used (eg 1 to 6, Achieved, Not Yet Achieved and so on)
  • Teachers can comment on each goal and/or write one comment for all goals
  • Semester 1 goals can be rolled into Semester 2 and reports for Semester 2 may contain ratings for both Semesters 1 and 2
  • A summary report is available to calculate ratings for CASES reporting
  • VCAL and outcome based reporting is available so that Year 11/12 reports can be completed using the same software



  ABI Welfare System

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